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Christian rap has appeal across cultural lines – a unique characteristic for music today. It gives church kids an entertainment outlet and unchurched kids the sense they don’t have to give up having fun for the sake of God.

This music was initially directed at teens, however many concertgoers now range from younger siblings to parents. Skeptics (as with any new genre) who previously doubted the appropriateness of rap music in a church are finding themselves especially impressed with the artists’ lyrics leading listeners to Christ.



Christian Rap goes by various names including Gospel Rap, Holy Hip Hop and Christian Hip Hop. These names are used interchangeably in popular magazines and industry publications.

Well-known Christian Rap groups (many of which St. John has shared the bill with) include Gospel Gangstas, Cross Movement, Truth, KJ52, T-Bone, Grits, Corey Red and Precise, BB Jay, Pettidee, Victory, and Platinum Souls.